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Viva Pinata Ideas- Moosesicle by datadoggieein Viva Pinata Ideas- Moosesicle by datadoggieein
One of 2 ideas I had for species on Viva Piņata.


Animal: Moose
Candy: Fugesicle
Attack: Canadian Flags
Base Value: 1500

After calming it's sour side, the Moosicle will be by one of your garden's best friends- Especially if hate Lottie and Ivor's prices on fencing. It will be happy shape a fence for free, however it not be the strongest fence in the world.

Appear Requirements

:bulletblack:Have had a tame Moosicle resident at some point

Visit Requirement

:bulletblack:Have a Fir tree in your garden.
:bulletblack:Have a Venus Pinata Trap in your garden.
:bulletblack:Have 2 Buzzlegums in your garden.

Resident Requirements

:bulletblack:Has eaten 1 fir cone.
:bulletblack:Has eaten 1 Venus Pinata Trap.
:bulletblack:Has eaten 1 Buzzlegum.

Romance Requirements

:bulletblack:Has eaten 5 fir cones.
:bulletblack:Have a Moosicle house in the garden.


Like a Zalgo version of Bullwinkle, this beast will rip through your garden, ripping fencing of any type to a small pile rubble and sneezing up sour candy. I suggest, if you want to keep any fences, that you deal with the Sour Moosicle right quick.

As a sour, it will destroy your fencing!

:bulletblack:If you tame it, it build fences out of mud!

Appear Requirements

:bulletblack:You are a level 19 gardener or better.

Visit Requirements

:bulletblack:You are a level 20 gardener or better.

Resident Requirments

:bulletblack:Has eaten 1 Quackberry.
:bulletblack:Has eaten 1 fir seed.
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asefje8fhwnugfkhd Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
The next viva pinata could be called "pinata island travels" (PIT), because you meet all the different types of terrains in the island, dessert desert, pinartic, microcave and pinata channel. You could make a proper bridge, that goes OVER a river (mentioned later) so salt water creatures go under the bridge and ground creatures go over the bridge. Bigger gardens, yep bigger gardens. The size of the garden is perfect for a family of mousemallows and bunnycombs, but the size of the garden is like a raisant for an adult chocolodocus and an adult dragonache put together. have you seen how many comments wants a bigger garden. There is also, in Tip, a couple of blue flowers that are 2-D and dont exist in front of a wooden bridge in the corner where the forest is, those floers look cool and would be awsome if they included. The Ocean should be called the Pinata channel (english channel).Also fishes can be like flutterscothes, they start white and you feed them things to change colour. And all sea creatures could go on land, but not swimming on it, crawling on it. Also you can add a griffin, (when a eaglair and a roreo mate)that can be called gruffin (griffin-muffin). And when a quackberry and sweetooth mate, they make a platypie (platypus-pie). If you want to see what a platypie could look like, go to [link] and skip until 4:27 And a pegasus (which is made from a chewnicorn and a buzzenge) that is called a popasus (pegasus-popcorn) For crossbreeding maybe willy gets a new special biulding, a breeding cave. Also for a cave that everyone is talking about, the should put underground pinatas (whirlms, profitamoles, etc.) and call the cave microcave (microwave). They can also add a new pack called hieght pack, make a large mountain or a vally, that adds new mountain flowers, and a cute goat (which probably can be evolved by a goomba). when a valley is placed beside water, it creates a river. Also a salt pack, when salt is put in water, the water is turned greenish so you can have water pinatas and water plants. when put on land, a puddle is made, and you can plant water plants in these puddles. And i know a couple of pinatas that can be improved when they are a baby. e.g a roarios baby should have no mane, a licatoad or lackatoad's baby should be a little tadpole (lackatadpoles should be purple as lickatadpoles should be green), a cluckles baby should be yellow, etc. Ruffians, as you probably know, is a red masked thing with no purpose but destroy your garden. That is why i thought that the ruffians can be tamed. When you tame a ruffian it turns into a worker and then that worker is unlocked. The tame requirements depend on who the worker is (if it is sprinkling, you need a specific number of flowers to tame it, if it is a diggerling, you might need a profitamole or something etc.) Speaking of workers, they are very slow, and only work for a couple of minutes. A worker should work until everything of its job is done, its frustrating when a weedling takes away about 5 weeds and leaves 13 for you. More workers could be made, for example a dirtling, a dirtling has a shovel on top of its head to destroy dirt that diggerlings leave from the mine, a healing heals a sick pinata for a fee and ultraling, an ultraling has every single thing for every single job, but it is really, really expensive. Now a couple of pinatas i want in the game (some might not have a name): Evolutions: Pheonixinnamon (pheonix-cinnamon), evolved from a candary getting to close to volcano leaking lava (mentioned in decorative section) and setting on fire, then watering it (like a taffly, except its a candary and volcano) Licorat (rat-licorice), evolved from a mousmallow eating seaweed (mentioned later). Sweet tooth tigermisu (Saber tooth tiger-sweet, tiramisu), evolved from a tigermisu eating a pre-flower (mentioned later) Mammothanilla (mammoth-vanilla), evolved from a elephanilla eating a pre-fruit (mentioned later) Sweet tooth squazzil (saber tooth squirrel-sweet, swizzle stick), evolved from a squazzil eating a pre-vegetable (mentioned later) Short grass pinatas: Canda (panda-candy) Mintipede (centipede-mint,this is a sour pinata) Long grass pinatas: Crickmint (cricket-mint) Desert pinata: Cornbra (cobra-corn) Water pinatas: White fishberry (fish-strawberry) Pistarchio (starfish-pistachio) Cockwhale (whale-cocktail) Sharkie (shark-smartie, this is a sour pinata), if you want to see what a sharkie could look like, go to [link] and skip it until 4:53 Octofee (octopus-toffee or coffee i don't know) Jellymel (jellyfish-caramel) Bird pinata: Tacon (toucan-taco) Flamango (flamingo-mango, this is a sour pinata) Soil pinatas chocoroach (cockroach-chocolate) termint (termite-mint) Now for plants: Flower: Bamboo Seaweed (planted in salt water) Coral (planted in salt water) Different coloured roses (yellow, blue, black etc.) Pre-flower, flowerhead looks like a orange octagon Bushes and trees: Strawberry bush (when tinkered turns into strawberry shake) Rasberry bush Grape bush (when tinkered turns into wine) cocoa bean tree (when tinkerd turns into hot chocolate or chocolate shake) Chewing gum tree pre-tree a pre-historical tree that gives you a pre-fruit (a diamond shaped fruit in orange) Vegetables: Potato Tomato Cabbage Pre-vegetable (grows like a yam but looks like a orange triangle) Produce: Egg (willy could get a specail building that lets the cluckles lay an egg), when tinkered turned into english breakfast. Cheese (I know it is already in the game, but it costs alot of time and coins to get a cheesecake) Decorative things; Fences and Gates: wired gate picked gate (the white fence) dirt fence and gate (you can probably change the terrain of the dirt) metal fence and gate Garden items: Volcano that is leaking lava waterfall couple of different shaped rocks a poisonous lake with a tipped over toxic can beside toilet Achievements: Ice age director (50g): evolve a tigermisu, elephanilla and squazzil Reply if you have more ideas
saw3d Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2011
there already is a Mose [link]
datadoggieein Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2011
Yes,yes,moojoo, the thing is, I didn't know at the time. I play the original, not Trouble in Paradise.
dinoboygreen Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Funny thing, I have my own Pinarctic Sour that I'm perfecting. Meet the Cookgar. Candy: Cookies (obviously)
Animal: Cougar

Sour: It will hide in the snowy mountains and not only eat any large pinata from the inside out, but also wear the outer shell as it's own trophy!

Appear: Must be Level 29 or better
Visit: Must be Level 30 or better
Resident: 1. Has eaten a Moosicle 2. Has eaten a Moozipan 3. Have 30 square pinometers of snow. 4. Has eaten a Hoghurt 5. Has eaten a Doenut
dinoboygreen Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Still, it is very creative and I personally see this as a more appropriate for TiP's Pinarctic landscape.
senoritafish Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011
These are great, Angus! Very colorful. I especially like the sour one!
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